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A New Track from Luke Jackson – Miss Rachel Zhong

1 Apr

© Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson is about to release his first album, which is progressing rapidly in recent days. The name of it may be The Time Is Now. This is a new track from this album called Miss Rachel Zhong, which he has been working on for the past 3 weeks with FL studio.You can clearly hear the flute and Japanese string instruments that make this song more sounds like a Japanese style.

Getting the inspirations from the moments happened couple of days ago, when Luke strongly felt the necessarity of chilling out the flippancy nowdays, so he decided to make a new song only instrumentals to help relax.

Luke’s new album will be on sale soon at Willy Banjos and Action Records in Preston. Would be ace if you could go and give a try on the copies of his songs.

Miss Rachel Zhong

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