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Paul Bannister EPs – Selfsames

23 Jan

Promo Video


The EP “The SelfSames” was released on 18 January 2012. All tracks were recorded, produced and mixed By Paul Bannister and, composed By James Alexander Bell, who is a songwriter based in Preston.

For the past year,these two guys have been recording tracks together and now have decided to sell them as EPs on Bandcamp.

Played all 6 tracks last night, on the whole these EPs are easy listening ones which have got brilliant structures and great vocals (Manolis Manoli and Simon Howell). The final results are the fresh distinctive sound and very cathy melodies that differentiate all the tracks in the EPs, very natural and intuitive.

For several personal favourites such as I Need Air, If She Asks Me, 5 Steps Behind, Lookin’ OK, I felt I liked them from very first note – fresh and full of engergy, upbeat feeling. Honestly, there is something in their music that reminds me of The Beatles.

Above all, this EPs puts great tune, excellent production,fantastic melodies all in one, and I think it’s gonna be definitely worth putting these songs in my iPod anyway.

Buy Now  ₤1.50 GBP or more for each EP. Cheers.




The SelfSames on Bandcamp
The SelfSames on Soundcloud 

Rate: 9/10

Ste Whiley+Jamie Brewer+Laura Bailey – Open Mic Night

23 Mar

Venue: Mad Ferret    Date: 23 Mar 2011

Steven Whiley

In my humble opinion, a good musician not only knows how to effectively arouse the audience’s feelings by excellent pieces of music,  but recognises the art of performing and the use of diverse instruments. This was done very well tonight by Steven Whiley of the Preston band Jackdaws with his guitar and definitely, his “Thee”- a little music box.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover) on music box was the first one to shine on the stage. If you’ve ever heard an antique music box play, you will imagine how delightful the clear, delicate tinkling sounds can be from Steven’s Thee. Love Will Tear Us Apart has been covered by many artists, but this one done by Steven is indeed fresh and inspiring which finally led a creative combination of classic and novelty. Obviously, the strong reactions from the crowds show they want more music box. Not upstaged by Thee, Steven’s continued to give a performance to try and get the acknowledgement and recognition he deserves.

Love Will Tear Us Apart + Sea Enemies

Following up were emotional Sea Enemies and Dearly Departed, thanks to meaningful lyrics and attractive melodies, these two songs all together sound like telling the crowds two thought-provoking stories. Steven has always been trying to take new elements into his music for the audiences, and he had never played Sea Enemies and Dearly Departed to anyone before, but Steven simply let the singing do the talking. So, shouts of “one more” from the crowds made Steven played the crowds’ favorite – Undertakers Daughter to finish his performance today.

Dearly Departed + Undertaker’s Daughter

For an open mic, Steven definitely played and sang to his best. Full music box version of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Steven is available here. Nevertheless, Unsigned Acts / Preston strongly recommend to go and watch Steven and his band Jackdaws live, which should be pleasure to do so, they are actively looking for full gigs at the moment, anyone feel interested, please feel free to contact us.

Jamie Brewer

Probably, some of you are enough with the roar of the daytime and want some music, well, in such an industry occupied with mainstream generic music with lyrics that couldn’t represent any implication or emotion, perhaps now you hope to go back to the basic and have a break, with a peace mind, and listen to some simple but really original, organic and refreshing things tonight, nevertheless, that is exactly what we got with Jamie Brewer at the Ferret.

First on was Songbird, a song written for Jamie’s friend – Our fascinating singer songwriter Katie Ryan. From the moment Jamie started to play, you cannot resist indulging yourself in the totally quiet and intimate atmosphere set out there. It’s a pure aspiration to play and enjoy this pleasant song, I would imagine myself sitting in my backyard on a relaxed and peaceful afternoon accompany with this Songbird. Next was also an interesting and engaging acoustic one called The First of Many, with fast rhythm and upbeat feeling, made it a perfect song to chill out the flippancy, and instead was all love and peace.


It’s the first time for Unsigned Acts / Preston to watch Jamie played solo without his band Defy The Sky. Well, we had seen quite a few amazing musicians played with a guitar that night, but no one played in the same way as Jamie, reminded me of the scenes when the musical prodigy played guitar in my favorite movie named August Rush.

Laura Bailey

Advent of Miss Laura Bailey with On your side and Zip it Up brought us some nice inoffensive music to listen to, that absolutely added luster to the show tonight and made the excited crowds even more enjoyed themselves.

Zip It Up

Three Unsigned Acts / Preston musicians played at the same night, same venue, well, hope could have more shows like this. For tonight, overall I would rate it 9/10.

Happy Valentines from Ste of Jackdaws

13 Feb

Ste of Jackdaws recorded (quickly) a new song called Love will tear us apart using a music box on 10 Feb 2011 to say Happy Valentines!

Love will tear us apart (Music box version) is available to listen here.

Please forward this to those disillusioned and bitter about the day, they will probably appreciate the sentiment.

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Vote for Miss Laura Bailey to Play RTR 2011

17 Jan

17 Jan 2011

Hello, everyone! Breaking news of Unsigned Acts / Preston today.

Our fascinating and beautiful songstress Laura Bailey has entered the competition on Ready To Rumble Unsigned which is is set to be the biggest ‘battle of the bands’ ever held in the North West.

“The competition will comprise 5 events each one held in the prestigious 53 Degrees venue in Preston, which can accommodate an audience of 400″.

The dates for this event are:

March 2011
Heat 1 – 4th
Heat 2 – 11th
Heat 3 – 18th
Heat 4 – 25th

Final – 8th April 2011

More details see here

The most important things are, if you like Laura’s voice and her music, if you want to hear her songs and make it heard by more people, if you would love to see Laura to play RTR 2011…

Why not just pop a lovely vote (click the like button at the bottom) in for Laura, and forward the link to your friends if you like? Thanks for your time.

Vote for Laura Bailey

Listen to Laura Bailey

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