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Paul Bannister EPs – Selfsames

23 Jan

Promo Video


The EP “The SelfSames” was released on 18 January 2012. All tracks were recorded, produced and mixed By Paul Bannister and, composed By James Alexander Bell, who is a songwriter based in Preston.

For the past year,these two guys have been recording tracks together and now have decided to sell them as EPs on Bandcamp.

Played all 6 tracks last night, on the whole these EPs are easy listening ones which have got brilliant structures and great vocals (Manolis Manoli and Simon Howell). The final results are the fresh distinctive sound and very cathy melodies that differentiate all the tracks in the EPs, very natural and intuitive.

For several personal favourites such as I Need Air, If She Asks Me, 5 Steps Behind, Lookin’ OK, I felt I liked them from very first note – fresh and full of engergy, upbeat feeling. Honestly, there is something in their music that reminds me of The Beatles.

Above all, this EPs puts great tune, excellent production,fantastic melodies all in one, and I think it’s gonna be definitely worth putting these songs in my iPod anyway.

Buy Now  ₤1.50 GBP or more for each EP. Cheers.




The SelfSames on Bandcamp
The SelfSames on Soundcloud 

Rate: 9/10

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