Interview with Kenny Cottam

© Man of Glass: Kenny Cottam

Who’s your biggest musical influence? Or what made you start to play/sing?

I started playing bass guitar when I was 15 because I really liked a band called Alkaline Trio, they have really cool bass parts. I joined a punk band when I was about 16 and nobody else could sing so I ended up being the vocalist. Then I left the band and bass is a bit boring to play alone so I picked up the guitar.

How long have you been playing/singing for?

Well I’m 22 now so 7 years.

Tell us about some of the songs specifically:

“My Two Homes” is a very enjoyable song, why was it named as “My Two Homes”, does it have something to do with your life experience in France?

Basically I felt that I lived 2 lives, one in the UK and 1 in France. When I was in France I didn’t really think about England, and vice versa. So I decided to leave Paris and I realized it would be the end of a big part of my life, which was really upsetting. The song is about saying goodbye to a very close friend. He’s more like a brother now.

What about “Down and Out in Paris and London”, any story behind it?

Well it’s actually my way of releasing a bit of anger! Without going into too much detail it’s about how people change when they grow up, and how sometimes it isn’t for the best. It can really affect how you think about your past.

What’s your songwriting process?

I don’t really have one! I might start humming something, or just messing around on the guitar. Sometimes a phrase that I hear on TV or see in a headline triggers something. But it normally starts with 2 chords, an idea comes into my head and I stick with it.

What’re your views on the local music scene at the moment?

I think since I’ve been away certain genres of music have been moved to the background or the foreground. It’s nice that different types of music are given the chance, but there’s still not enough people going to see live performances. I think people would be surprised with the amount of talent there is around nowadays. More often than not the bands I’ve not heard of have been better than the ones you hear on the radio.

Mind to tell us why you decided to come back to your UK home then, is it because of the music scene in UK is more active?

Yes and no. A lot of musicians miss out Paris because they think the rock scene doesn’t exist over there. But I know some really great people who are trying really hard to improve the scene over there, and over here too. It’s websites like this that promote new musicians and give them a chance to be heard!

What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment a guy called Chuck Ragan. He’s in a band called Hot Water Music but he does folk/ acoustic stuff on his own. He has a really gruff manly voice and I love it. I wish I could sing like him!

Any of your songs have been published like albums, CDs? If not yet, do you have such plans like that in the near future?

Well in the next month or so I’ll record an EP, but that will require me to actually concentrate and commit to my music. I’m never happy with what I do, so I prefer to just record them in one take and leave it there. If I spend 15 minutes trying to sing, I’ll end up hating all the words I’ve written, my voice, everything. I’m very impatient! But I’ll definitely have an EP recorded and available by the end of September.







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