Ste Whiley+Jamie Brewer+Laura Bailey – Open Mic

Venue: Mad Ferret     Date: 23 Mar 2011

In my humble opinion, a good musician not only knows how to effectively arouse the audience’s feelings by excellent pieces of music,  but recognises the art of performing and the use of diverse instruments. This was done very well tonight by Steven Whiley of the Preston band Jackdaws with his guitar and definitely, his “Thee”- a little music box. More…

RTR Unsigned Heat 1

Venue: 53 Degrees     Date: 4 Mar 2011

Running as North West’s the biggest band battles, you may wonder how exactly prominent the competition held by RTR Unsigned is, but when you keep an eye on it, you will easily find massive fan votes and siginificant attention they’ve got for the past few months till now. Nevertheless, there’s only one winner tonight, with all 3 judges and the fans all voting for ‘March‘ as the winners of the 1st heat which see’s them rolling on heat 2. More…

Laura Bailey – Acoustic Soup

Venue: Mad Ferret     Date: 27 Feb 2011

As one of the most popular live music venues in Preston, this time The Mad Ferret invited Laura Bailey, Changing horses, and The Ratty Little Fingers to play for their Acoustic Soup, which is held every two weeks. Compared with the usual loud fare from wide range of bands, the three performers just brought us more reflective, memorable and quieter music to shine tonight. More…

Jackdaws – Open Mic Night

Venue: Mad Ferret     Date: 19 Jan 2011

The Mad Ferret is one of the most popular live music venue’s in Preston. With a 180+ capacity, stage, lighting rig and sound system it is the perfect place for intimate gigs. The open mic, which is held every Wednesday, is ideal to sample some of the talent that the city has to offer.  More…

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2 Responses to “GIGS REVIEW”

  1. liya su March 29, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    hehe…I was there that day !!!!It is great there in Fad Ferret and all the artists are brilliant… love Steven Whiley and his little music box most~~and Laura Bailey is really a cool and talented performer!

    • Min Zhong March 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

      Welcome, my Shane. Should go to more shows if you’re free, the preston’s local music scene is worth of exlporing since there’re surprises indeed.

      I agree, the open mic on 23 Mar was one that totally blew me away there.

      Send me the link of your website xx 😛

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