© Luke Jackson


Poetry/Rap/ Dub / Indie/Lyrical


Flobots, Reel Big Fish, Linkin Park, Lowkey, Katie Ryan, Tom Metcalf, Bonobo, and anything that is really moving


Preston, Lancashire, UK


An exciting new sound combining guitar with rap and poetry, the development of his unique style has come from a wide variety of different music. Here comes the first rap artist/rap music producer on Unsigned Acts / Preston – Luke Jackson.

Luke started to write songs at the age of 10 and not long after that, he began to produce music on his own.Growing up with his mother who actually didn’t appreciate the sound of music he found it really hard to grasp the power of what it can actually do. 

However, this musical talent never stops adding new elements into his music and create new things to make it sound better and flexible. Apart from vocal and piano, recently, Luke brought the sound of guitar to his songs, by which has indeed reinforced what he has been trying to get across.

Simply put, the music Luke makes is very mellow, but with a strong meaning in it.

Unsigned Acts / Preston hopes you enjoy Luke’s songs.

Nicola Jane

Never letting go

New guitar beat for gig

Luke would love to hear your feedback of his music.

Want to find out more about Luke and his thoughts on music, his ambitions and a brief history of his musical life? See Unsigned Acts / Preston interview with Luke Jackson.


Luke Jackson is about to release his first album on an expected date – 5th of April. The name of it may be The Time Is Now. The album’s main theme is all based on how the world works and how Luke feels about it. In this album, Luke will be mainly singing and rapping, you will also find other people featuring on a few songs.

Luke’s new album will be on sale at Willy Banjos and Action Records in Preston at the first time. For the coming days, you may find his album available in other places over the streets of Preston.

For more information of Luke’s new album, stay tuned with Unsigned Acts / Preston.





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3 Responses to “LUKE JACKSON”

  1. linminyuan May 2, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    “Never letting go” is gorgeous, like it!

    • Min Zhong May 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

      Thanks for the comments, Neo.
      Luke is about to release his 1st album “The time is now”
      Will put some tracks on UAP, don’t miss it 😉


  1. A New Track from Luke Jackson – Miss Rachel Zhong « . Unsigned Acts / Preston - April 2, 2011

    […] LUKE JACKSON […]

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