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Generally – All kinds of music  HFA have heard

Individually – Jane’s Addiction, Husker Du, Dead Kennedy’s, Devin Townsend, NOFX, Dream Theater (sic), SYL, The Damned, Dinosaur Junior, Sebadoh, Sabbath, Iggy & The Stooges, Cypress Hill, Tool, Radiohead, Mercury Rev, Beastie Boys, Leftover Crack or Trail of Dead


Preston, Lancashire, UK


“Heavy Fluid Addicts were, then they weren’t. Five years later, they were again. Now, some six years on they’ve honed their quirky noise to a rusty tip. Name checked as Russell Crowe’s favourite band and featured regularly in OK Magazine, HFA are the regional equivalent of a Vuvuzela…”

Ready To Rumble Unsigned

Markman – Shouts and feedback

Furious – Screaming guitars

The Bucket – Low Frequency Algorithmic Expressionist

Andy – Beater of skin

© Heavy Fluid Addicts, photos by <JAG> PHOTOGRAPHY

Once upon a time in a music scene far, far away a band of minstrels known only as Heavy Fluid Addicts wandered the Northwest.  Six years later, they were gone leaving only a memory and the faint odour of scotch eggs.

The years rolled by and the tale of HFA slipped into myth and legend. A new generation of brave minstrels came of age and lo, Preston once again chimed with the delicate melodies of unknown balladeers. One young minstrel, his head filled with magical tales of awesome tunes and distortedly melodic riffs resolved upon a quest to track down and capture the fabled monsters of Preston Rock past.

His travels took him through the wastelands of chavvery, over the sea of learning and beyond, until finally he arrived at a place so far removed that it was itself the stuff of legend. The Temple Of The Gods Of Music.

In a corner, barely visible to anyone not paying close attention, a pair of aging rock warriors hunched over their flat, tasteless ales. The minstrel recognised them immediately and throwing himself to his knees he implored them to resurrect the mighty beast. There was a drink in it for them. The warriors agreed.

And so once again Heavy Fluid Addicts rose from the ashes of history to baffle audiences from Lancaster to Oldham and leave fresh memories to sire new myths.

Now you may want to check this out. Hope you enjoy it!

George, You’re Annoying Me live at The Ship Inn

Any thoughts? HFA would like to hear what you think about their music.

Want to find out more about HFA and their opinions on music, their ambitions as a band and a brief history of  HFA? See Unsigned Acts / Preston interview with Heavy Fluid Addicts.


For the more adventurous, Heavy Fluid Addicts can regularly be found playing a venue in Preston and surrounding areas.  Recently, they just brought it to the Dog & Partridge, which is a rare live in Preston.


Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/heavyfluidaddicts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/heavyfluidaddicts

Soundclick: www.soundclick.com/heavyfluidaddicts

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/FluidAddict

E-mail: mark@fluidaddicts.com

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