Heavy Fluid Addicts

Once upon a time in a music scene far, far away a band of minstrels known only as Heavy Fluid Addicts wandered the Northwest.  Six years later, they were gone leaving only a memory and the faint odour of scotch eggs.


Jackdaws met during a freak accident which saw singer Ste pulled out of the icy waters of Preston docks by passersby Tom (drums) and Mike (bass). As some would say, “life is strange”. Jackdaws will probably admit to this more than most in their death-folk-rock-pop storytales of tough love, seedy hotels and the second coming.

Jamie Brewer

No multitracking, everything you hear from Jamie Brewer was done using his hands and one guitar, none of this overdubbing nonsense for him. The reason why he started playing like this, all that matters are Jamie did one day.

Jordan Nwk Smith

Jordan Smith started his interest in music around two years ago, when his friends were “mc’ in” and he thought he can do that as well. So Jordan decided to try and really enjoyed it. Then over time it becomes his passion. Jordan’s songs are mainly written by thoughts and feelings, he would describe his music as art because of the way he write it, he like to write about life experiences, the way he does things, and how things happen.

Katie Ryan

Acoustic blend of naughty words rather absurd from the mouth of girl, her name is Katie Ryan – a singer songwriter from Preston, a girl who just loves to perform as much as possible, a girl who loves life, a girl who believes everyone is worth a smile.

Laura Bailey

Voice and keyboard, plus interesting and vibrant swagger through the contagious foot-stompers, acoustic songstress Laura Bailey is bringing us fun and witty hooks and melodies in her sparkling way.

Luke Jackson

An exciting new sound combining guitar with rap and poetry, the development of his unique style has come from a wide variety of different music. Here comes the first rap artist/rap music producer on Unsigned Acts / Preston – Luke Jackson.

Manolis Manoli

In an industry that is saturated with clones and talentless artists whose material is handed on a plate to them to perform like karaoke, it is refreshing when the ‘real deal’ appears.

Manolis Manoli – Manix – is one of those rare young men who can do it all, and do it well.

Peter Mcconville

Peter Mcconville’s music is usually explicit, due to the nature of the place. He writes his lyrics but he does have positive/radio friendly bars.
He also prefers to keeping the way his lyrics go over an instrumental ”skippy”, like the artists who have influenced him to mc. For Peter, the main influences are drawn from Ghetts, Dot rotten and Devlin.

Subject 7

UK Metal band. Hard hitting, driving rhythms with melodic punchy vocals. After the downfall of Hockey Mask Heroes, Mike Dixon and Sam Saint teamed up with Asylum guitarist Kev Balshen in the hope to create a new fresh band with a true get up and go attitude. Joined by Infinitive’s Paul Swindells and James Dunn from a well known Chorley band, Subject 7 was born.

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    1st time to come,I like the design of your website! 🙂

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