Man Of Glass – Bare Bones EP

16 Oct

Why was this EP named as Bare Bones?

I chose the name Bare Bones because that’s essentially what it is, the bare bones of songs. I would love to have a full band sound on some tracks, but I don’t have the patience or the friends.

What are you trying to tell people through Bare Bones?

My Two Homes is basically I felt that I lived 2 lives, one in the UK and 1 in France. When I was in France I didn’t really think about England, and vice versa. So I decided to leave Paris and I realized it would be the end of a big part of my life, which was really upsetting. The song is about saying goodbye to a very close friend. He’s more like a brother now.

Broken fingers is about how I feel when I start writing a song. It’s quite difficult for me to play one chord and not instantly think of a million songs that have used it, and unless you’ve experienced something truly unique your lyrics are going to be based on themes already used for years. So it’s about struggling to write.

Older is fairly straightforward, it’s about being older and thinking about where you hoped you would be.

And Parents was written about my parents.

Can you briefly describe the music making process of this EP?

I started recording with just a guitar and a microphone, and as I had the time I added a few more things. I asked my friend Mark McCabe help me out with a few recording bits because he’s a lot better at it than me. Check him out he’s a great musician.

What are the challenging parts in creating this EP?

I had a lot of time to record and finish this, and to be honest at one point the songs were really complicated and it started to get messy. I had 8 songs and they had keys, bass, percussion, even synth parts. I sat and listened to it one day and thought “This sounds awful.” so I stripped back the songs and kept the ones that were recorded best.

Broken Fingers


My Two Homes


Thoughts from Unsigned Acts / Preston:

When you listen more closely to Bare Bones, each track has a slightly different tone and has a bit echo of different acoustic/pop bands. While on the other side, this very first EP could indeed derive benefit from some better production. On the whole, however, you could find what Man Of Glass is trying to achieve – he’s been worked hard on creating some great catchy and original acoustic/pop songs based on his personal experience, which is particularly evident in Broken fingers.

The fine lyrics, attractive riffs, and good vocals are all that matters. So you’ll be the judge!

If you like Bare Bones, download a copy of the EP here.







One Response to “Man Of Glass – Bare Bones EP”

  1. dawn December 7, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    some very moving lyrics

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