Heavy Fluid Addicts – Rock The Ship

8 Jun

Venue: The Ship Inn    Date: 4 Jun 2011

The Ship Inn is undoubtedly one of Preston’s homes of exciting live music, and the 3 awesome bands tonight Heavy Fluid Addicts, Just A Ride and Falter– typified exactly that. Organising by Rock On Promo and Hw Preston, the Ship’s new management now opens their doors to the metal community once again, which fairly attracted a lively clientele of audiences.

This most bodacious of gig of the night started by Falter and Just A Ride. The mixed ingredients of experimental rock, grunge and heavy metal were brought by Falter from Blackburn. The band is “a powerhouse of determination, adrenaline and intense energy that definitely shows they are ready to take on everything. Set to cause pandemonium and chaos wherever they set foot”, Falter is a band that is likely to be “a diamond in the rough for future localised musical events”. Chorley’s band Just A Ride were just formed 3 years ago with “a very strong D.I.Y attitude”, their songs were all written, recorded and produced by themselves, which exactly shows their ambition -“there is nothing they can’t do” as the band speaks.

With the venue going more and more packed, coming up was the astonishing Preston’s grunge band Heavy Fluid Addicts (HFA). Indeed they just missed out in a spot for RTR Unsigned 2011, but the first RTR event at The Ship were led by them this time.

First two songs hit the venue were “quirky” Meme and Screamager (Cover) from HFA. I have to admit that since the moment the powerful and amazing sound of the screaming guitars, bass and drum came out, I knew their show would be explosive as expected from the beginning. Yes, you may have been blown away for thousands of times through the original version by Therapy?, but this cover by HFA would never let you down, neither. HFA was trying to make their show as a new execution of an old idea as usual. Obviously, the crowds did react to this accordingly – Indulging in according to the rise and fall of the band’s assault provoked by such a “grungey noise”, as well as, mesmerised by the influential dynamics and a bit effects-laden vocals made by lead singer Mark Humphreys.

Next up on the set were contagious Naked Japes and Glass Eye with strong elements, such as quirky noise, energetic progression, heavy metal, vocal imitations, plus the savage lyrics and vocals, were all tumbled with extraordinary proficiency. This, nevertheless, absolutely battered the crowd’s ears. The following sets with catchy or interesting names like One Man’s Cheese Is Another Man’s Cake, Suicide Song and Gay For Jesus allowed the show reach another climax, and their songs were definitely well received and enjoyable to the crowds.

After the transition, crowd favourite on the set George, You’re Annoying Me followed through loads of feedback to an ecstatic response. Tonight, the crowd seemed to discover some sort of intense enthusiasm again, reacting to each shout and feedback of the band, which in sequence made HFA even raucous and louder more than ever.

Closing tune was the mighty Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo to end such a superb night. The instrumental starts introducing till the turning point, suddenly changed to the perfect collision of distorted sound of guitar, bass and drum. Well again, if you look around the room at this point, unceasing rounds of applauses and cheers told everything that should be told.

For tonight, overall I would rate it 8/10.

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