Jamie Brewer and Defy The Sky to play at 53 Degrees

4 Mar

Today on 4 March 2011, Jamie Brewer‘ s band Defy the Sky will be playing at prestigious 53 Degrees in Preston for the Ready to Rumble (RTR) 2011 – Heat 1.  Other bands are also playing tonight include Ides Of March, March, The Blackhand.

With a combination of attrative prizes, big brands sponsors, and substantial promotions, RTR is considered to be North West’s the biggest ‘battle of the bands’ ever held.

Massive campaign for public votes on Facebook for the past 1 month,With over 180 entries, many days of listening to music and 2 long days of debating, the bands of  final 16 have come out. Defy the Sky have been officially announce they are the 1st band to be confirmed for the top 16.

Defy the Sky is a Preston based, Rock/Pop-Punk band consisting of members from many previous bands. Using all their previous experience they combined to create a feel-good unique sound. With energetic live performances and catchy hooks, Defy the Sky put everything into their music. Influences range from ACDC and Led Zeppelin to A Day to Remember and Lostprophets.

However, who do you think will win? With 4 tough heats starting only 1 month away it is almost impossible to say who will be in the final, not to mention who could win it as all 16 bands have the ability to win.

Tickets are at £3 each heat or £10 for all heats + The Final. More details see here.

So, big congratulations to Defy the Sky enter the Heat 1 and wish them the best of luck for the coming band battles.

Come and watch Jamie and his band to show your ultimate supports if you like? It should be a great night!

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2 Responses to “Jamie Brewer and Defy The Sky to play at 53 Degrees”

  1. dailuoman March 22, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    it s very great!

    • Min Zhong March 22, 2011 at 11:50 am #

      Thank for coming again,Mandy… 🙂


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