Laura Bailey – Acoustic Soup

27 Feb

Venue: Mad Ferret    Date: 27 Feb 2011

As one of the most popular live music venues in Preston, this time The Mad Ferret invited Laura Bailey, Changing horses, and The Ratty Little Fingers to play for their Acoustic Soup, which is held every two weeks. Compared with the usual loud fare from wide range of bands, the three performers just brought us more reflective, memorable and quieter music to shine tonight.

“Remarkable songwriting delivered with an assured stage presence of someone who’s been perfoming for decades, yet Laura is young, fresh and new and the exuberance in her bouncier more joyful songs is only matched by the wide-eyed melancholy of her deeper numbers.”

Opening the night we have Laura Bailey, who made it purely an audio-visual feast to listen and watch with only her keyboard and amazing voice. Laura performed a set of old but classic songs that the crowds are mostly familiar with, as well as, several fresh and new songs to give pleasant changes of atmosphere.

I Wish + Zip It Up + True Love

And Then I Cried + On Your Side

First on was the beautiful Look For Me, which simply took you to a deep fantasy and the messages it delivered were totally a heartbreaker. And then were I wish and Zip It Up, we turned to the audiences at that time, some were kept giving Laura rounds of applauses and looking forward to the next attention span, while some were dancing to each piece of enjoyable melodies. The sharp contrasts between True Love and Zip It Up perfectly demonstrates Laura’s thorough vocals and her excellent skills in gaining shorter attention span.

The following songs One More Chance, Thank You Hugh Heffner, As Happy As It Goes, and Holy smokers just lead to the high point of that night. Next up was smoky and jazzy Lonely blues, which UAP really agrees with what The Ark said, even “leaves Amy Winehouse in the dust”.

Finally, the performance was rounded off with vicious break-up song And then I cried and one more song requested by the audiences called On your side, both had a vein of melancholies in the lyrics, but when you ruminate on the ideas exploded, Laura is showing her good intensions for the future, no matter music or life.

There’re moments, nevertheless, you might have to admit those melodies haunted your minds constantly. Sometimes, you just can’t help keeping thinking about the songs you’re listening to, and the meanings and messages behind them. But before you really started to ponder on these, you might have been taken to other short explosions of ideas.

It’s the first time Unsigned Acts / Preston to watch Laura’s gig, but 11 short but sparklingly witty songs absolutely blew us away there.

Unsigned Acts / Preston is really looking forward to the next gig of Miss Laura Bailey.

2 Responses to “Laura Bailey – Acoustic Soup”

  1. Mary shang March 21, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    I think i am gonna indulge myself in Laura’s music for the coming weeks.

    • Min Zhong March 21, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

      Really? I will let Laura know this, she must be very happy abt that.

      Thx a lot for visiting UAP Mary! Ur comments will defo be one of the strong motivates for me to keep UAP up!! xx

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